Welcome Message by the Dean

The School of Arts, Communication and Cultural Studies at Frederick consists of two Departments:

  • Department of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Department of Journalism, Communication and Mass Media

It is a newly established school that was founded in April 2016 even though the two departments of the school have a long and successful history in the academic activities of the university and in society.

The School offers a wide spectrum of programmes of study and focuses on Creative Design with programmes such as Graphic and Advertising Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Image and Audiovisual Communication. At postgraduate level the School offers the MA in Interdisciplinary Design as well as the MA in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practises. It also focuses on Communication, Journalism and Mass Media at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The School offers Postgraduate Studies in Communication Sciences: Media and Journalism in the Information Society and a Master Program in International Studies.

Both Departments are of fundamental importance to the University and at the same time constitute an integral part of the Cyprus culture due to their predominant extroversion.

The programmes of study of both departments have been designed with dedication to the highest quality of studies, the promotion of academic excellence and the students’ exceptional achievement.

The two main aims that depict the vision of the School and its students are:

  • the emphasis on the development of professional skills.  This aim focuses on the acquisition of techniques, skills, methodology and the relevant vocabulary that will be necessary for all students so as to gain a place in their professional community as productive individuals either as creative designers, Applied Arts scholars, Art people, or journalists and communicologists in the area of Mass Media.
  • the development of both critical thinking and the historical perspective that are required when preparing a student to become a fruitful member of the society, with opinion, creativity, new ideas, and effectiveness in problem solving.

At our School, the study is offered through programmes that liberate thought, and provide the frame for the stimulation of spiritual and creative search.

The courses in all our educational programmes are taught by eminent professionals  from all spectrums of the field: designers, Applied Art scholars, directors, art people, historians, journalists, critics, professionals with national and international achievements both in practice and research. Their work and publications are well-known and respected by the scientific community worldwide.

Apart from the distinguished programmes of study and the excellent scholars, our School offers its students a fascinating multicultural level with respect to diversity and emphasis on the globalisation of communication.

The School is one of the most important centres for the study of Art and Culture as well as the study of the Art of Communication within the Republic of Cyprus. It includes and explores the interactivity between Fine and Applied Arts as well as the Art of Journalism within the environment of a contemporary society full of continuous challenges.

The programmes of study, especially during the current economic crisis, are designed and developed in such a way so as to provide contemporary and scientific knowledge to students as far as theory and empirical research are concerned while at the same time focus on the following parameters: the impact of communication technology on society and the relevant development of ‘information society’, the dynamics of Art in a world full of contradictions, and the role of the study of Applied Arts in an environment full of continuous technological revolutions and data changes.

The whole procedure of offering knowledge contributes to the implementation of all high aims that the School sets, so as to make a difference in society. This is achieved with the further development of autonomous personalities and judgement of students through teaching, research and the programmes of study. Through interaction, dialogue, exploration, discussion and highlighting of the different perspectives, we build the foundations for the creation of a democratic, diversified, new society, in which knowledge in combination with the creative spirit of young people prevails as a factor that promotes every change for the better.
On 7 March 2017 the Council of the School decides to approve the incorporation of the Language Center at the School of Arts, Communication and Cultural Studies. 

Demetris Kokkinolambos,
Associate Professor,
Dean, School of Arts, Communication and Cultural Studies.