Welcome Message by the Dean

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the website of Frederick University and the School of Health Sciences!

I hope that your visit will be fruitful and provide you with the necessary information.

The School of Health Sciences at Frederick University was established in 2007 and its mission is the education of health professionals. Our aim is for our students to acquire the theoretical background and skills so as to  work effectively in different health care settings.

The vision of the School is the provision of high quality education and research in the health sector and the encouragement for further professional development and lifelong learning of our graduates. The School aims at contributing to the promotion of health and welfare of individuals, families and the community.

The School of Health Sciences offers the following undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study:

  • BSc in General Nursing – recognised by E.A.I.P., the Cyprus Nursing and Midwifery Council, the Hellenic N.A.R.I.C. and holding a professional qualifications recognition by the European Commission
  • BSc in Pharmacy (5-year programme) – recognised by E.A.I.P., the Hellenic N.A.R.I.C. and meeting the requirements set by the Cyprus Pharmacy Board
  • Postgraduate Programme (Master) in Health Management – in collaboration with the School of Law and Economic Sciences recognised by the Hellenic N.A.R.I.C.
  • Postgraduate Programme (Master) in Health Management (Distance Learning) – in collaboration with the School of Law and Economic Sciences recognised by the Hellenic N.A.R.I.C.
  • Postgraduate Programme (Master) in Community Health Care – recognised by the Hellenic N.A.R.I.C. with two specialisations:
    • General Family Health Care
    • Wound Prevention and Care – recognised by the European Academy of Wound Technology
  • Postgraduate Programme (Master) in Clinical Pharmacy - recognised by the Hellenic N.A.R.I.C.
  • Doctoral Programme (PhD) in Health Management - recognised by the Hellenic N.A.R.I.C.

The Programmes of the School have been designed and developed by distinguished university professors as well as specialised and experienced individuals in the Nursing, Pharmacy and Health Management sectors. The academic staff of the School holds high quality qualifications, the required knowledge and experience thus, guiding students into constantly improving their knowledge, upgrading their skills as well as adopting the necessary attitude and positive behaviour both towards patients and users of the health care services in general.

At our University, theoretical teaching is conducted in small groups thus maximising the efficiency of the lesson. Additionally, the School has specialised and appropriately equipped clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories, where students can safely develop their skills. Furthermore, under the supervision and guidance of our qualified staff, students are able to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills in real life situations in hospitals, private clinics, health centres as well as pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry. An awareness of research begins with undergraduate education programmes and further develops in postgraduate education programmes. Presentations in conferences and publications in internationally recognised journals depict the students’ research interests under the guidance of their professors.

Our postgraduate programmes aim at attracting graduates of tertiary education schools in relevant fields such as Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Economics and Administration.  Upon completion of their studies, graduates will be equipped not only with a Postgraduate Title, but also with state-of-the-art knowledge, abilities and skills that will assist them both in their professional advancement and their academic career.

Justifiably, you will wonder why someone would choose to study at the School of Health Sciences of Frederick University. If you aim at offering services to fellow citizens, you are in the most suitable place.

Quality in education is our main aim. All programmes were designed and developed by distinguished scientists. Our postgraduate programmes are innovative both in Cyprus and Greece and address the modern challenges in health care. We educate scientists who will offer care to people thus, it is essential for them to receive care from the university and the academic staff during their studies.

We welcome our new students and we wish them the best of luck in their studies. To our continuing students, we wish a fruitful and productive academic year.

Panayiota Bellou – Mylona PhD, RN
Dean of the School of Health Sciences of Frederick University