The administration of Frederick University aims to provide efficient support to the University’s operations and to facilitate the work of students, academic and administrative personnel. This is achieved through the operation of the University’s five central services, which report to the Director of Administration and Finance who is appointed by the University Council. An organisational chart outline the administrative structure of Frederick is provided below:




Services Overview
An overview of the function of each service is provided below

Administration Service
The Administration Service is responsible for the overall management of the university. In addition, it has the overall responsibility to coordinate with other services to ensure that the university is appropriately functioning. It includes the follwowing offices:

  • Planning and Development
  • Human Recourses Office
  • Health & Safety Office
  • Archive

Finance Service
The Finance Service is responsible for handing the financial operations of the university including budgeting, management of accounts, purchasing processes and financial control, as well as collections and credit control. It includes the follwowing offices:

  • Accounts
  • Credit Control

Operations & Infrastructure Service
The Operations & Infrastructure Service is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate facilities and resources are in place and functioning appropriately to enable the smooth running of the University functions.
It includes four offices:

  • Library
  • Information Systems Office
  • Facilities Office
  • Academic Operations Office

Studies & Student Welfare Service
The Studies & Student Welfare Service is responsible for providing to students the necessary services that ensure academic procedures and documentation are followed and the appropriate student support is in place to maximize each student’s potential.
It includes six offices:

  • Registrar’s Office
  • Academic Units Support Office
  • Distance Learning Unit Office
  • Student Life and Sports Office
  • Support and Counselling Office
  • Careers Office

Research and Interconnection Service
The Research and Interconnection Service is responsible for supporting and promoting research activity and output of the University and enhancing the interconnection of the university with external national and international entities.
It includes three offices:

  • Research Office
  • Mobility Office
  • Liaison Office

Communications and Outreach Service
The Communications and Outreach Service is responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective communication of the University with the society at large including the direct actions for attracting students.
It includes three offices:

  • Student Recruitment and Outreach Office
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Alumni Office