Calls and Application Procedure


Application Procedure

Interested students should submit the following to the Admissions Office

  1. A cover letter clearly stating the graduate degree the candidate wishes to apply for.
  2. A completed application form obtained from the Admissions Office.
  3. A Curriculum Vitae indicating the student’s education, academic and research experience, any publications, awards, etc.
  4. A short statement (at most two pages long) stating the reason the candidate wishes to join the program, the candidate’s professional and research experience, future goals, etc. The statement should clearly state the broad research area that the student is interested in. The area should be within the listed areas of interest in the current call.
  5. Two letters of recommendation from academic or professional advisors.
  6. Copies of up to three representative publications, if any.
  7. Copies of all degrees and transcripts.
  8. Copies of any other supporting material, such as exams, honors, awards, etc.

Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to have communications with School faculty of matching research area interests, prior to their application.

Applicants will be evaluated according to academic background and research interest. The School gives priority to full-time applicants.

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