Doctoral Programs at Frederick University


Doctoral programs at Frederick University are research-based programs offered at School level that provide a framework for state-of-the-art research in the various domains of research interest the particular School is involved with.Their aim is to pursue research and advance knowledge, extending the boundaries of what is known. The programs are central to fulfilling the specific School and the University mission through advancing its research dimension and enabling the establishment of the University in the regional and international scene.

The aim of the program is to develop individuals with the necessary background knowledge, skills, experience, ethos and capabilities that will enable them to contribute and advance knowledge in their particular domain of interest, thus serving the overall development of the society. This will be facilitated through the provision of an integrated curriculum of theory, application and research. The successful outcome of a doctoral program leads to the awarding of a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy title) to the candidate.

All Schools of the University operate doctoral programs.

The directions of the programs are closely linked with the Master-level graduate programs that each particular School is operating and any student registered for a PhD must maintain a field of specialization within the domain of interest of these programs.

For the list of master programs offered, visit the postgraduate studies page at the university's web site.

Admission to the program can only occur through calls made by the Schools, which can either be specific to a field of interest, or broad for expression of interest.

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