Frederick University’s Center on Gender Issues, Diversity and Equality

In 2014, Frederick University founded EnAF (Equality “n” Awareness @ Frederick), a dedicated Center on Gender Issues, Diversity and Equality. The name of the Center captures its primary goal and, at the same time, is a reference to the word ‘enough’. The Center functions as an advisory body to the Council, the Senate and the Administrations of the Schools and Departments for the promotion of equality and diversity in all levels of operation and in all the processes of academic life.It aims at:

Members of the Center:

The Center plans and implements initiatives that fall under four pillars: Research, Education, Responsible Campus Operations, Public Engagement Activity.




An indicative list of actions are provided below:

In addition, members of the Center participate in a variety of projects and external advisory bodies relevant to diversity, inclusion and equality, such as a project for the creation of inclusive universities and a project aiming to promote gender equality in Universities.





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