Start Year Title (English) Lead Patner Funding from Project Website
2018 Storage  & Renewables  Electrifying  Cyprus RTD TALOS LTD RPF N/A
Integration of innovative green technologies on existing public transportation BUSes for 5% to 30% FUEL SAVINGS RTD TALOS LTD RPF N/A
Novel integrated approach for seismic and energy upgrading of existing buildings Cyprus University of Technology RPF N/A
2015 Use and integration of High Energy Efficiency Technologies GPM METAL LTD RPF N/A
Feasibility Study for Development of a Plant-Derived Biomass Processing Unit Μηχανουργείο Βενιζέλος ΛΤΔ RPF N/A
2013 Phase Change Material (PCM) enhanced plaster for upgrading the energy efficiency of contemporary and historic buildings University of Cyprus (UCY) RPF N/A
2012 Design and development of centres of collection, management and disposal of olive cores for energy utilization purposes FRC EC Link
Square Mile Retrofit Project Parity Projects Ltd, UK RPF N/A
Innovative methods of protection and conservation of bioclimatic design elements in traditional buildings in the historic centre of Nicosia Nicosia Municipality, Cyprus RPF Link
2011 Development of an innovative, forced regulation, high efficiency, solar heating system to operate autonomously without electricity. THEOHALKO Solar Energy Industry Ltd RPF Link
2010 Development of a database and of software for the study and construction of low energy buildings in Cyprus Audesy, Cyprus RPF Link
Wave energy converter mechanism by transmitting reciprocating, variable amplitude and direction wave motion into uni-rotational motion University of Cyprus (UCY) RPF N/A
2004 Grid-connected Photovoltaic substation with parallel electricity storage in the form of hydrogen Hystore Technologies Ltd, Cyprus RPF N/A
Hydrogen production, purification and storage with the use of Renewable Energy Sources, such as Solar and Wind Energy Hystore Technologies Ltd, Cyprus RPF N/A
Distributed electricity generation with the use of H2/Fuel Cells, with zero CO2 emissions Electricity Authority of Cyprus RPF N/A