All you need to know for the alternative online assessment methods: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The Senate of the University, while taking into consideration the decisions and recommendations of the Council of Ministers that were announced on December 29, 2021 in regards to the rapidly deteriorating epidemiological indicators in the community, as well as the announcement by CYQAA (DIPAE) on December 30, 2021 according to which, due to the current circumstances it is highly recommended that Fall 2021-22 final examinations are conducted remotely, has met today (4/1/2022) and decided that all final examinations / assessments will take place online. 

The Senate’s decision is in full alignment with the framework and guidelines set by the Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education, while for its implementation the University has additionally reviewed best practices for online assessment that are implemented in some of the top-ranking Universities around the world.

You are reminded that the final examination period for the conventional programs of study has been shifted and will take place between Jan. 24 - Feb 5. 2022, in order to have adequate time to prepare students for the online examinations / assessments. The exact timetable will be posted on the University website by Wednesday 12/1/2022.

DL examinations will take place as scheduled.

It is important to know that we are committed to supporting you throughout this process during this challenging time. You will have all the technical support you need while both faculty members and administrative staff will be offering our ongoing support and guidance.

We will keep updating this website with new content such as FAQ, guides and resources in relation to the alternative online assessment methods so it is important to check its content on a regular basis. Do not forget that many of the important announcements and recent developments are communicate to you through your student email account so you should check in frequently. 


1. Will all final assessments for Fall 2021 take place remotely?
Yes, all the final assessments, of both conventional and distance learning courses, will be replaced with alternative methods of assessment for Fall 2021 and will not be physically held. The exact method of assessment for each course will be decided by the instructor after being discussed with the students. (For types of assessment methods see below).
2. Which are the methods/forms of alternative remote assessment methods that will be applied by the University?
Based on the proposed framework for alternative methods of final assessment set by the Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education and after the approval of the Senate, Frederick University will apply the following alternative methods of final evaluation:

  • Distance Learning oral examination with Panel
  • Electronic Written Examination and Invigilation (Open book)
  • Open Book Examination from home (take- home Exam)
  • Electronic Written Examination and Invigilation (Closed Book)

It is important to know that the most appropriate form of assessment for each course will be decided by the instructor of the course after considering the needs of each subject area and after consulting with students.
Detailed guides will be sent to you for each method. You will also be able to practice in each method with virtual examinations in order to obtain the necessary familiarity.
You can find the CYQAA document here "Final examinations in emergency situations due to coronavirus: Quality Standards and Guidelines for Alternative Forms of Evaluation."

3. What equipment do I need in order to be able to participate in Spring 2021 final exams?
Based on the type of alternative assessment method there may be different requirements. These include:

  • A computer
  • Internet Access
  • Second Device with camera : Smart Phone or a Tablet (*mandatory for Type A and Type D exams- electronic invigilation)
  • Student ID card

You will soon receive more information as well as how-to guides. We will also offer a series of training sessions and workshops so that you will be acquainted with online assessment methods and invigilation procedures.
4. Do I need a specific browser in order to be able to participate in the examination?
Yes you will need to install Safe Exam Browser in order to be able to have access to your exam in a way that safeguards the integrity of the examination process.

All exams will take place on the especially designed Exams Platform

An installation and use guide can be found here
5. How can you ensure the integrity of the exams since everyone will be taking them from home?

The University based on international practices implemented by worldwide top Universities and following the approved framework of the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education has followed appropriate and adequate mechanisms in order to ensure the integrity of the examination procedure. A relevant guide has been created for each alternative method and will be provided during the students’ training process.
In addition, faculty members can implement a complementary oral exam as a supplement to type A, B and D exams to ensure the results of a written exam. The complementary oral exam must take place within two weeks of the written examination.

6.  I do not have a Student ID.
In case you did not collect or you have misplaced your student ID card, you can use your ID or Passport for identification purposes. If you have not yet sent your photo to the Studies Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to have your student ID issued, you must do so ASAP.

7. Will I have the opportunity to practice the alternative forms of assessment and electronic supervision in order to get more familiar by the exams / assessments?

Yes. All students will be informed and trained appropriately in order to get familiar with the alternative assessment methods and electronic supervision. Furthermore, there will be a pilot application of the new examination process in order to ensure the successful use of the necessary digital tools by all students. Your participation in this education/training is necessary since it will also help to reduce the stress you may have in relation to the remote assessment and final examination process.

In the learn platform you will have access to two courses that are created specially to support you and prepare you for your online exams. In the one course you will be able to find guides and other useful information regarding the exams. Also, we have created in a different course, a Mock Examination so you can practice as many times as you want and get ready for your actual exams.

8. Are there any particular limitations or requirements in relation to the place where I will take my final exams?
During the examination:

  • You should be in a space without the presence of third parties, while communication with anyone other than the invigilator is prohibited.
  • You must not be in possession of unauthorized material. You can only have the material you are entitled to for the examination as determined by the instructor.
  • You should not use headphones.

We understand that this is an unusual situation and you may not be able to control the environment in which you will be examined entirely, but it is important to ensure to the maximum possible extent that there will be no fuss or interference in the space you will be.

9. What happens if I encounter technical problems during an examination (e.g. weak internet connection)?
Before the examination you will be given a contact number in case of technical problems as well as a related guide describing the procedure you should follow.
10. My books and notes are in digital form and I do not have a printer. Will I be able to access them during the exam?
Yes, depending on what the course instructor decides, you will be able to have specialized access to the specific material.
11. Can I use the toilet during the exam?
It is forbidden to move from the exam area or turn off the camera during the examination. Depending on the exam duration, the exam may be broken into two sections in order to allow a short break after the completion of Section A and before the beginning of Section B.
12. I am a student who is eligible to special accommodations during my exams. Will these also apply to the alternative assessment methods?

Υes, the accommodation that are provided to you by the Counselling Centre will also apply during the distance examination period. For further information it is important to contact the Counselling Centre, tel. 22 394336. If you encounter any problem with a particular evaluation method due to special needs then this matter will be examined by the Special Examination Board.
13. I am not quick enough in typing. How will this affect my examination?

Additional time has been provided for the duration of an exam taking into account that not all students can type at the same speed. Furthermore, long written answers as well equations, symbols and diagrams will be recorded on paper and students will be able to upload them to the exam link. You will be informed accordingly soon.

14. I do not have the necessary equipment to participate in the exams. What is expected to happen?

The University has set up a special examination board which will examine any requests of students who have substantial difficulties in relation to their participation in the final examination process. The Board will accept requests after all the relevant details of the procedure will be communicated and students complete the required training. The Board will examine each case to see if another solution or method can be applied.

You can submit requests until 18 January online at

15. What will happen if I can’t take the exam or if I am sick?

It is expected that all students will participate in the Fall 2021 examination. Students who are proven to be unable to attend an examination will be able to submit a relevant request to the Special Examination Board. You will receive information regarding the deadlines and the procedure you must follow to submit your request after completing the training in the alternative final assessment methods, online exams and electronic invigilation.

16. How can you ensure the protection of personal data during remote examination and electronic invigilation?

For the implementation of online assessments, the University applies procedures fully compliant with the provisions of the European Personal Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the provisions of Law 125 (I) / 2018 in relation to the protection of personal data. Following the instructions of the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education all evaluations should be recorded for checking purposes and also to ensure the quality and the credibility of the exams. The recorded exams which will contain personal data, will be saved in insured electronic databases with the right of access only to authorized persons and to the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education if requested for checking purposes.