Programs of Study

Frederick University offers academic programs of study at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.The programs of study offered are designed so as to equip graduates with in depth knowledge as well as practical skills in the specific domain of their interest.

Central to the programs that the University offers are the strong links and associations the programs have with the societal needs so that the university graduates maintain a strong advantage in the job market. It is also worth noting that a large number of the programs offered are unique within the Cypriot higher educational setting

Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation Status

Frederick University operates according to the relevant Law for Private Universities of the Republic of Cyprus. Its operations, including the programs of study it offers, are evaluated and accredited by the Evaluation Committee for Private Universities (ECPU) which is assigned by the government.

In January 2012, as per the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus, Frederick University has been granted a permanent license of operation, after the evaluation of ECPU of its progress and development during the period of initial license (2007-2011).

All Programs of Study at Frederick University are fully recognized by the Republic of Cyprus and thus by all European Union countries. By extension, Frederick University degrees bear the highest level of recognition globally, ensuring that the degrees awarded have the appropriate merit internationally.

It is worth noting, Frederick University has been recognized by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (Hellenic NARIC - ΔΟΑΤΑΠ) as equivalent to the Greek higher education in the university sector.

Diploma Supplement Label

As recognition of its excellence in the implementation of the Diploma Supplement guidelines, Frederick University has been granted in the academic year 2011-12 the Diploma Supplement Label by the European Commission.

Professional Bodies

Importantly, Frederick University enjoys excellent relations with national and international professional bodies, with its degrees bearing the relevant recognition that allows its holders to pursue a successful professional career. Some example of professional bodies include:

Specifics of the above, as well as other, professional links are provided in the description of individual programs of study

Distance Learning