Materials Sciences & Applications

Start Year Title (English) Lead Partner Funding from Project Website
2019 Development of an innovative insulation fire resistant facade from the Construction and Demolition Waste FRC RPF Link
Design and manufacturing of a novel Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Film for the construction industry, using recycled agricultural plastic waste (APW) Elysee Irrigation Ltd RPF Link
Recycled Aggregates For The Production Of Concrete LATOMIA PHARMAKA RPF Link
2018 Novel integrated approach for seismic and energy upgrading of existing buildings Cyprus University of Technology RPF N/A
STructural stABiLity risk assEssment ALMA SISTEMI SAS DI DI IORIO ALESSIO & C EC-Horizon 2020 Link
Active Building Temperature Adjustment Mantle CrossWise Ltd Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism N/A
2017 A network for joint valorization of material flows in tourist areas University of Patras EC-Interreg Link
2016 Preventive Management System of Medical Patient Record Istognosis LTD RPF N/A
2011 Mix Design, Mechanical Properties and Impact Resistance of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composites (UHPFRCCs) FRC RPF Link
2010 Optimisation of composite material's production using resin transfer Karnic Powerboats Ltd, Cyprus RPF N/A
Increase of the passive safety of cars for the protection of pedestrians by Crash Resistant Adhesive Bonding of attachments on LACquered Surfaces Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany RPF - CORNET Link
High Pressure Processing of Food Packaging Materials Belgian Packaging Institute, Belgium RPF - CORNET Link
2009 Design and development of a low permeability measuring system for construction materials FRC RPF Link
2005 Design of a new high surface hardness and complicated geometry die for the extrusion of high accuracy aluminium profiles FRC RPF N/A
New guardrail system design for the improvement of vehicle crash safety FRC RPF N/A
2004 Design and manufacturing of fiber-reinforced composite high-pressure pipes capable for corrosion liquids FRC RPF N/A
New Guardrail System Design for Critical Collision Cases in Cyprus Highways FRC RPF N/A
Improvement of the extrudability of the AA6063 aluminium alloy using coated dies with new PVD coatings FRC RPF N/A
Earth Blocks made of Cyprus Soil and their Mechanical and Thermal Properties FRC RPF N/A
Metal-bonded magnets for high temperature applications FRC RPF N/A
2003 Innovative methodology for the design of new and improved chemicals: Application for the production of organic solvents FRC RPF N/A
2001 Development of Metal (Zn, Al)-bonded magnets (Nd-Fe(Co)-B, Sm-Fe-N) for high temperature applications FRC RPF N/A
Energy Absorbing Systems FRC RPF N/A
2000 Novel Permanent Magnets for High Temperature Applications IMS, "Demokritos" National Centre for Scientific Research, Greece EC - FP5 Link