Admission Requirements

Application Form: Click HERE to fill in online and download (pdf)

The PhD in Architecture program is overseen by the PhD Program Committee. This is a three member committee appointed by the Council of the Department. Handling student admissions, such as the evaluation of the applications for admittance is one of the responsibilities of this committee.

Application Procedure

Admission to the doctoral program is done after the announcement of doctoral positions by the Department, followed by an application by the interested applicant. Eligible applicants must hold a university degree, Bachelor’s or Master’s, granted by an institution recognized in the country where it operates. Applicants who do not hold their first degree at the time of application, but will hold such a degree before the commencement of the graduate program, are also eligible to apply but must submit a letter from their University’s Registrar verifying that they are indeed eligible to graduate. The decision on their admission does not become official until the degree has been successfully produced.

Each application for admission should include:

The application material must be submitted in English or Greek.

Admission’s Evaluation Procedure

All applications for admission are evaluated by the Doctoral Program Committee. The criteria for the evaluation of the candidates are the following:

If necessary, the Doctoral Program Committee may invite a candidate for a personal interview.

After completing the evaluation process, the Doctoral Program Committee submits to the Council of the Department a Program Admission Evaluation Report on its decision. This report includes a justified suggestion of the Committee on the acceptance/rejection of the candidate’s application, possible conditions for admission, transfer credits, and research area. If appropriate, the Committee may suggest in this report the Research Advisor and the members of the Research Advisory Committee.