Academic Guidance

Academic Advisor

An Academic Advisor is assigned to students for academic guidance by their departments. The Academic Advisor is responsible to guide students during their studies for issues concerning mainly their academic performance. It is required that students meet with their Academic Advisor consistently and for this purpose the University implements Consultation Weeks, which take place twice per semester.

Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman is responsible to consider issues which concern students, assists students to realise their rights, responsibilities and all options available, supports their efforts to accomplish their goal during their studies, responds to students’ questions and queries and considers solutions to students’ problems and difficulties. Furthermore, the Student Ombudsman considers all students’ complaints in collaboration with relevant administration and academic university services, assists the improvement of the University procedures and supports students in their studies assuring the best academic environment.

Counselling Center

The Counselling Center offers help to any student at Frederick University who experiences personal difficulties, either in their home and family life or in issues related to their studies. Students have the opportunity to discuss issues that concern them in confidence and receive appropriate guidance. The Service is free, confidential and staffed by qualified and competent personnel.

Services Provided:

  • Support and provisions to students with special needs.
  • Long term and short term counselling.
  • Support in a crisis situation.
  • Organisation of student clubs.

Orientation week

New Students participate in an Orientation Program at the beginning of each semester which aims at familiarizing them with departments, programs of studies, requirements, student services and campus facilities. Students have the opportunity to attend seminars on topics that help them adjust to their new environment.

Student handbook

The Studies and Student Welfare Service publishes every Academic year the student handbook. A copy of the student handbook is given to each student during the orientation week. The handbook contains student rights and responsibilities and other useful information regarding their studies and the services offered.

Faculty members Office Hours

Each faculty member allocates at the beginning of each semester six office hours. During these hours students can arrange meetings with faculty members to discuss any issues / problems that may occur during their studies.