Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

BA in Graphic and Advertising Design

Level Of Qualification

Bachelor (1st Cycle Degree)

Offered by

Department of Fine and Applied Arts

Mode of Study

Full Time or Part Time

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The Program is designed to prepare future professionals in the Graphic Design field who will be functioning in the ever-changing world of the new century. Students will develop a resourceful visual vocabulary and be flexible and lateral in their approach to solving complex and oblique Art and Design problems. They will be acutely aware of the socio-economic, cultural, political and environmental context of the issues facing tomorrow's Graphic Designers. The program aims:

  1. To promote VISUAL INTELLIGENCE-by providing opportunity for students to develop their intellectual, conceptual and creative abilities in the solution of wide ranging problems.
  2. To promote VISUAL LITERACY- by providing opportunity for students to develop their aesthetic, analytical and critical abilities in the understanding and articulation of the Art and Design process.
  3. To promote VISUAL COMPETENCY-by providing the opportunity for students to acquire manipulative and technological skills relevant to contemporary practice supported by transferable skills and self-confident abilities in verbal, written and visual communication.

The language of instruction is English.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply knowledge in art and design with a capacity for analysis and synthesis in the visual language.
  2. Demonstrate awareness of the art and design process utilising the capacity for organization and planning.
  3. Demonstrate awareness on the forefront of knowledge in the field of art and design and on the emerging communication technologies
  4. Grounding in basic knowledge of the art and design profession.
  5. Use of visual, oral and written communication in native language.
  6. Communicate with experts in other fields both within as well as the Art and Design field.
  7. Demonstrate an appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism both in cultural matters as well as in the Art and Design practise
  8. Demonstrate ability to work in an international context in the Art and Design process.
  9. Demonstrate competency in oral and written communication skills, as well as in the use of relevant art and design problem solving and decision making processes.

Occupational Profiles of the Graduates

The graduates of the Program have the knowledge and skills required for the design, implementation, and administration of graphic communication tools. They fulfil the requirements for employment in the public or private sectors as graphic designers, visual communicators, and advertising designers.
The graduates of the Program can also be employed as educators in public or private secondary schools.