Welcome Message by the Dean

We welcome you to the School of Health Sciences.

The School of Health Sciences at Frederick University, operating since 2007, is a modern and creative academic unit, dedicated to excellence in health education and research as well as to the provision of quality health services, accessible to the citizens and society.

The aim of the School is to develop high-quality health education programs that offer excellent theoretical and clinical education to students, enabling them to cope with new challenges, by exercising their scientific skills in accordance to ethical principles, at national and international level.

Graduates of the School of Health Sciences acquire the required skills for prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment of human disease. They can successfully support the private and public health sector and industry. Additionally, they may pursue key positions in hospital settings, healthcare and social care units, in the field of pharmaceuticals as well administrative positions in national health systems and health insurance organizations.

The School provides learning opportunities through its targeted educational programmes, well-equipped laboratories and excellent practical training and / or clinical training. The Programs of the School have been designed and developed by distinguished academic staff members, as well as specialised and experienced scientists in the fields of Nursing, Pharmacy and Health Management.

The academic staff of the School holds high quality qualifications and has the required knowledge and experience, thus guiding students into constantly improving their knowledge, upgrading their skills as well as adopting the necessary attitudes and positive behaviour towards patients and users of the health care services. Involvement with research begins with undergraduate education programmes and further develops in postgraduate education programmes.

More specifically, the School of Health Sciences offers two accredited undergraduate programmes, four accredited Master level programmes and one accredited PhD programme:

  • BSc in General Nursing
  • BSc in Pharmacy (5-year programme)
  • Postgraduate Programme (Master) in Health Management
  • Postgraduate Programme (Master) in Health Management (Distance Learning)
  • Postgraduate Programme (Master) in Community Health Care with two specialisations:
  • General Family Health Care
  • Wound Prevention and Care
  • Postgraduate Programme (Master) in Clinical Pharmacy
  • Postgraduate Programme (Master) in Community Health Care (Distance Learning)
  • Doctoral Programme (PhD) in Health Management

I look forward to welcoming you at our School. If you wish to offer professional health services to fellow citizens, you are at the most suitable place.

Professor Maritsa Gourni
PhD, MD-Medical Biopathology, RN
Dean, School of Health Sciences