Life at Frederick University

Excluding the numerous opportunities that Cyprus offers for leisure activities, Frederick University aims at supporting students in order to enjoy an active and vibrant social life. Students enjoy weekend or vacation excursions to the countryside. Such outings offer opportunities to meet and socialize with fellow students and staff away from the routine of the classroom. There are also opportunities to learn traditional Cyprus dances and songs and to participate in theatrical plays. Musical evenings and folk programs are often organized at selected nightspots.

Student life is often the period in a person's life that induces the fondest memories. Although studying at the highest level can often seem stressing and hard work, students in higher education go through a very interesting and exciting period where they meet people, advance or identify their interests and mature as independent individuals.

Our aim at Frederick University is to ensure that all our students are provided with the necessary support so that they enjoy this fascinating period of their lives as much as possible. This section provides you with some information that will help you gain a better understanding of what to expect while studying at Frederick University