Sustainable Development & Environment

Start Year Title (English) Lead Partner Funding from Project Website
2017 A network for joint valorization of material flows in tourist areas University of Patras EC-Interreg Link
Integrated Telematic Municipal Transport System for Sustainable Urban Mobility Rhodes Municipality EC-Interreg N/A
2014 Design, development and application of a technologically advanced system of natural daylight and artificial PV lighting FRC RPF N/A
Improving lowland forest habitats for Birds in Cyprus Department of Forests EC-LIFE N/A
2013 Urban Greening Systems for the Mediterranean Region FRC EC-ΙΔΕΠ Link
2012 System Development based on the Integrated use of Communication Systems and Space Images for Alerting Farmers Regarding Irrigation Demands M. Hadjimitsis Trading & Engineering Ltd RPF Link
Cyprus Ionospheric Forecasting service FRC RPF N/A
Integrated use of space, geophysical and hyperspecteral technologies intended for monitoring water leakages in water supply networks in Cyprus Cyprus University of Technology RPF Link
2011 Appraisal of the Factors Influencing Public Perceptions of Water Reuse in Cyprus FRC RPF Link
Vulnerability of the narrow endemic Cedrus brevifolia from Cyprus: Detection of genes and phenotypic trait diversity linked to adaptation FRC RPF Link
A concept for promotion of sustainable retrofitting and renovation in early stages FRC RPF - ERACOBUILD Link
2010 Sustainable Bioremediation of Olive Mill Wastewater in Cyprus FRC RPF Link
Air Pollution Monitoring from Space in Cyprus Cyprus University of Technology RPF Link
Biodiversity patterns (flora and invertebrate fauna) regarding local climate change in Cyprus FRC RPF Link
2009 Ionospheric modelling and prediction FRC RPF N/A
The impact of climate change on the local endemic plants of Troodos National Forest Park FRC RPF Link
Using mathematical modeling to examine the impacts of social and biological factors on the biodiversity of the Pafos Forest FRC RPF Link
Study of the ecology and behavior of Acanthodactylus schreiberi lizards in a sand dune ecosystem in Cyprus FRC RPF Link
2008 Monitoring of Ionospheric Weather Over Cyprus and Egypt FRC RPF N/A
2003 Preliminary Assessment of Ambient Air Quality in Cyprus Department of Air Quality Control, University of Stuttgart UNOPS Link
2002 Air pollution monitoring inside old churches in Cyprus FRC RPF N/A
2000 Development of an Advanced Management System for the Air Quality in Nicosia Region FRC RPF N/A