Organizational Structure

To facilitate the continuous expansion of research activities at the University and to promote the principle of equal opportunities to all faculties (equal access to information and resources) and independence of research work, Frederick University has developed the necessary policies, management services and structures . The following University Bodies/Service/Structures are involved in the policy & strategy setting, management and administration of research at FU:

  • The University Council : The Council is the supreme Governing body of the University and has responsibility for managing all matters relating to the University that do not fall within the competence of another authority. As such, it is involved in aspects of research that have significant financial impact, in the strategic development of the University, including strategy on research and innovation and major research infrastructure developments.
  • The University Senate : The Senate, as the supreme Academic body of the University, is responsible for the academic work at the University, both in terms of teaching and research. To facilitate its efficient operation and work, the Senate appoints and specifies responsibilities to permanent and temporary (ad hoc) committees, including the 'Research Committee'.
  • Research Committee: is appointed be the Senate of the University according to the ‘Frederick University Internal Regulations of the Senate’. The main responsibilities of the Research Committee are to provide recommendations for the allocation of research budget funds, the submission of reports on existing and/or proposed research projects and the study and submission of reports on the University’s research strategy and on the collaboration of the University with other universities, research institutes and organizations. The Research Committee also allocates responsibilities and oversees the activities of the Research Service for the effective management of the University’s research issues.

Research Committee Members

Name Position Function
Dr Michalis Komodromos Vice Rector President
Dr Christoforos Charalambous Director of Administration & Finance Ex Officio Member
Dr Demetris Nicolaides Associate Prof. – Dept. of Civil Engineering Senate Appointment
Dr Eftyvoulos Kyriakou Professor - Dept. of Electrical and Comp. Eng. & Informatics Senate Appointment
Dr Kalourkoti Rikkou Maria Assistant Prof. –Dept. of Pharmacy Senate Appointment
Nicolas Lambouris Assistant Prof. –Dept. of Arts and Communication Senate Appointment
Mr. Alexis Onoufriou Head of Research Service Ex Officio Member

Pivotal to the success and the implementation of the University’s Research Policy and efficient Research Work is the operation of the Research Service that aims to Promote, Organize & Support the University’s Research Activities. Support in this effort, especially in terms of financial management of projects is provided by the Financial Service , whereas the establishment of the Liaison Office facilitates the effective technology transfer to the local economy and society.

The figure below maps the above structures at Frederick University.