Student Mobility

There are many advantages when one is studying at home. On the other hand the experience of living for a period of time abroad, has a lot to offer. If one is given the opportunity to experience both, it is worth trying it.

Frederick University offers its students the opportunity to work or study abroad through the European Funded Program Erasmus. The program duration for students may vary from three months to one academic year.

Furthermore, Frederick University is a member of the IAESTE Cyprus National Committee, which promotes the exchange of students for technical experience. Every practical training usually has duration of 6 – 8 weeks and takes place during the summer vacations.

Students who will be selected to participate in any of the above mentioned programs, receive a grant covering expenses for the period they will be staying abroad. Students also receive a certificate confirming their successful completion of the program.

Further to the above, Frederick University, through the Leonardo da Vinci program gives its graduates the opportunity to work in another European country for a period of 2 to 26 weeks. Training can take place in institutes, companies, industries, organizations etc. The program provides all participants with a grant for travel and living expenses.


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 “The most difficult part of the Erasmus program is not leaving your home for a foreign country. The difficult part is to return back home, leaving behind new friends and returning back to your life. It is the first time in my life that I visited almost 20 European cities in six months! I would not have this invaluable experience, if I would not choose the Erasmus Program!” George Panayi, Belgium


 “It’s really difficult for me to describe with simple words my experience in Estonia. The magical snow, the old town and my Erasmus Family are just one fairytale that I will always keep in my memory. I am really graceful for all things that I gained from this trip and I can wait to travel again!” Photini Saraki, Estonia



ESA - Erasmus Students Association, Cyprus


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