Mapping best sustainability practices across the EU-CONEXUS campuses

 Dr. Paris Fokaides, an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Frederick University, and members of his research team will lead Work Package 16 (Green Campus) within the European Universities alliance EU-CONEXUS.

Frederick University is a full member of this alliance, which comprises nine European universities. The primary objective of Work Package 16 is to transform the EU-CONEXUS Universities into exemplary campuses in terms of energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. Moreover, it seeks to broaden the concept of a "green campus" beyond its technical aspects to encompass social sustainability and resilience.

As the leader of this Work Package, Frederick University will conduct a comprehensive study aimed at identifying and mapping the most effective sustainability practices implemented across the campuses of the member universities. This study will evaluate various approaches in different thematic areas, as each region employs distinct methodologies.

Each university will contribute information about the success levels in implementing sustainability practices, encompassing areas such as energy and water resource management, waste handling, circular economy practices, transportation, on-site comfort measures, environmental organizational aspects, and other eco-friendly practices.

The insights derived from this study will serve as a blueprint for establishing an operational framework to execute green initiatives and address specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Successful initiatives have the potential to instigate positive changes in campuses throughout the European Union, thereby advancing the objective of reducing carbon emissions and ultimately achieving the status of green campuses.

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