Centre of Research
in Entrepreneurship,
Finance and Strategy


Main thematic areas
Entrepreneurship, Financial analysis, Real options, Business strategy
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The Centre of Research in Entrepreneurship, Finance and Strategy (CERFS) members have substantial research and applied experience in corporate finance and strategy relating to the management of knowledge, organizational networks and franchising.

CERFS makes these experiences and academic knowledge accessible to the business world by organizing seminars. The seminars involve talks by renowned international speakers with the objective of changing businesses’ mind sets and spurring innovation in the business world.

The Centre also aims to help the business world identify their competitive position, crystalizing their business strategy, understanding business risks, managing their resources and identifying valuable growth opportunities.

Based on its members' experience, CERFS can be involved in research projects on:

  • Business valuation and identification of real options
  • Optimal financing policies
  • Mergers and acquisitions and corporate expansion policies
  • Dividend policy
  • Management of knowledge
  • Organizational and business planning of new ventures
  • Development of franchising networks
PositionNameDepartmentResearch Domain
Centre Coordinator Dr Nicos Koussis Business Administration Corporate finance
Centre Member Dr Marios Charalambides Business Administration Financial and mathematical optimization
Centre Member Dr Nina Gorovaia-Zeniou Business Administration Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Centre Member Dr Michalis Makrominas Maritime Transport and Commerce Empirical finance & accounting

The Business Guest Lecture Series 

  • An introduction to Design Thinking: Online lecture by Dr Marianna Makri, Associate Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the University of Miami
  • Service innovations around the world: Online lecture by Dr Kostas Kutsikos, Acclaimed expert in organizational and service innovation