Department of Arts and Communication

The department's philosophy resides in a balance of visual, oral, and written intelligence in the fields of Art and Design. Primarily concerned with the power and value of concepts and ideas, the Department of Arts and Communication explores the dissemination of knowledge and messages, both persuasive and informative, to defined audiences. Understanding the process of identifying visual issues and analyzing the techniques of resolution and transmission the Department employs contemporary methodologies and cutting edge means of production. 

Visual intelligence, which is not easily assimilated as oral and written intelligence, is viewed as the acquisition of critical and intuitive visual discrimination in the process of mark making and the construction of imagery, the delivery of words and the understanding of underlying icons, symbols and visual triggers. Visual lateral thinking and appreciation of subliminal elements in Art and Design interpretation is seen in relation to how all forms of imagery are delivered, received, deciphered and understood by appropriate audiences and viewers.

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