Recognising excellence
in sustainability within
our community

To demonstrate our commitment to the SDGs, the University Council decided to define a specific section of the annual Michael Frederickou Awards, the most prestigious awards granted by the University, to ‘The Sustainable Development Goals Action Awards’.

The University awards:

practices or activities from Frederick University faculty, staff, students and alumni that show significant impact with respect to SDGs or
outstanding individuals (Frederick University faculty, staff, students and alumni) who are demonstrating that it is up to us to inspire and enact change.


Submissions need to demonstrate how the nominee’s activities contribute to at least one of the following:

Mobilize others to act for the SDGs
Inspire a shift in behaviour for the SDGs
Connect people and/or diverse partners, bridging the gap between citizens and institutions, to increase progress on the SDGs.

Any member of the academic community is eligible for this award (faculty members, administrative staff, students & graduates).

During a ceremony at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre on June 28, 2023, the Sustainable Development Goals Action Awards 2022-2023 were presented as follows:

To Frederick University Living Lab (FULL), a pedagogical approach that combines participatory and experiential learning through projects implemented on the basis of collaboration and connection with the community and businesses. Students come into contact with real working conditions and use their knowledge and skills to provide solutions to real problems. Many of FULL's projects are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The award was received by the members of the ad hoc committee that worked on developing the FULL framework and pedagogical materials: Associate Professor Chrysanthi Katzi, Department of Education, Professor Costas Mantzalos, Department of Arts and Communication, Associate Professor Byron Ioannou, Department of Architecture, Associate Professor Andreas Konstantinidis - Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics, Assistant Professor Alexandros Argyriadis, Department of Nursing and Lecturer Nasia Tziortzi, Department of Business Administration.

To the longterm campaign 'To all women and girls. Join the Journey in Engineering and Technology". As part of the campaign, activities such as STEM Day for girls aged 9-12 and STEM Camp for girls aged 13-16 take place and the University offers 50% scholarships to girls who choose to study on undergraduate Programs in the University's School of Engineering. The award was received by the Coordinator of STEM Day and STEM Camp activities, Ms. Irini Agastinioti.

To Aristos Dimosthenous, a graduate of the Diploma in Architecture - Integrated Master, who was awarded for his thesis entitled "Conversion of Industrial Buildings into Student Residences". In this project, the graduate adopts sustainability practices to achieve the protection of Cyprus' architectural heritage and minimize the waste of building materials and energy.

To Panayiota Koutsofta, a graduate of the University's Postgraduate Program in Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development, and Director of the "Keep our Sand and Sea Plastic Free" Project, which promotes new ways to reduce and reuse waste, which create jobs and promote the circular economy in Cyprus. More than 500 thousand residents and visitors in Cyprus have been positively impacted by the project and two "Plastic Free Beaches" have been created. At the same time, Ms Koutsofta is an external collaborator of the Pedagogical Institute and implements Environmental Education Programmes for parents and children.

The Sustainable Development Goals Action Awards 2021-2022 were presented during a ceremony held at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre on June 28, 2022. 

The awards were presented in memory of the late Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, Zeta Emilianidou, for her commitment to the promotion of social justice, for her social sensitivity, and for her deep love and concern for the welfare of her fellow citizens. 

The awards were received by:

The Blue Limassol project, in which members of the Department of Shipping and Commerce and the Department of Architecture and Engineering of Frederick University participated. The project included conducting, on behalf of the Municipality of Limassol, the first comprehensive Environmental Study that identifies and evaluates, overall and combined, the environmental risks in the coastal area of ​​Limassol. The award was received on behalf of the team by the Assistant Professor and President of the Department of Shipping and Commerce, Dr. Angelos Menelaou.

The CARE project "Visual arts education in new times: Connecting Art with REal life issues", which aimed to strengthen the visual arts in the field of education by integrating elements of sustainable development. The award was received by the Lead Researcher and Coordinator of the project CARE, Dr Victoria Pavlou, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Sciences.

The Forest School, the first of its kind in Cyprus, which promotes the multifaceted development of the child through experiential learning in nature and freedom. The award was accepted on behalf of the team by the head of the program, Dr. Nikoletta Christodoulou, Associate Professor at the University's Department of Educational Sciences.

The Nature Conservation Unit, the University's longest-running research unit, and the largest nature conservation research body in Cyprus, with funding of over one million in recent years and substantial contribution to the development of environmental protection policies. The LIFE-KEDROS project, in which the Unit participated, was recently awarded as one of the three best in Europe - an important distinction for Cyprus and its forests. The award was received by the head of the unit, Dr. Konstantinos Kounnamas, and Dr. Chrysanthi Katzi, a member of the team.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are fully aligned with Frederick University's core values and have been integrated into its strategy. To demonstrate the importance the University attributes to the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, three relevant awards were presented for the academic year 2020-2021:

Protecting our Planet Award: To the Nature Conservation Unit which specialises on biodiversity conservation, environmental education and natural resources management in Cyprus. The award was received by the Unit’s head, Dr Constantinos Kounnamas.

Local Impact Award: To the Nursing Department’s students who offered their services to the state during the pandemic, before even finishing their studies. The award was received by Fotini Grammatikopoulou, Aspasia Andreou and Hashim Hind on behalf of their fellow students.

Sustainable Community Award: To the members of EnAF (Equality and Awareness at Frederick), a Frederick University Center on Gender Issues, Diversity and Equality, aiming to foster gender equality in and outside the organisation and to ensure equal opportunities for all. The award was presented by EnAF members Dr Vasiliki Karagouni whom along with Dr. Petroula Mavrikiou developed the code to prevent and deal with harassment and sexual harassment at the University.