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Frederick University has strategic collaborations with Frederick Institute of Technology, the Cyprus Marine Technology Academy (CyMarTA) and the Training and Certification Centre, providing you with a range of high quality vocational and professional programs.

Frederick University maintains a strategic collaboration with Frederick Institute of Technology, one of the oldest higher educational institutions in Cyprus. Frederick University provides scientific support in the design and development of its programs.

Frederick Institute of Technology offers vocational programs (2-year programs leading to an accredited Diploma degree).

Division of Technical Professions:

Division of Health and Education:


Founded by Frederick University, the Cyprus Marine Technology Academy (CyMarTA) offers two very ambitious and innovative training programs which enable successful candidates to obtain their Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW) or 2nd Engineer and Chief Engineer Officer Certificates of Competency Licences (Merchant Navy).

The licenses are required by both national and international regulations for engineers to serve as sea-going Engineer Officers on ships, and are highly regarded as qualification requirements to work shore-side in the management level of shipping companies.

The programs are approved by the Shipping Deputy Ministry of Cyprus and supported by the Department of Maritime Transport and Commerce (Limassol) and the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Nicosia) of Frederick University. They include training in specialised workshops, as well as on-board training on ships.

CyMarTA has been certified as a training center by the Shipping Deputy Ministry (SDM) of Cyprus and the Cyprus Certification Company (CCC), based on the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, concerning the development and implementation of a quality management system.


The Frederick Training and Certification Centre was established in 2014 to further strengthen Frederick University's relationship with the country's business community, through the development and provision of single-business, multi-business and other training and lifelong learning programs. These programs aim to cultivate the knowledge and skills of the trainees and meet new needs, resulting from the development of new technologies, changing legislation and new data and practises in the economy and the market.

The Centre cooperates closely with Frederick University, taking advantage of the scientific knowledge, expertise and experience of both the organization as a whole and its faculty members. Capitalising on the network of partnerships and the available information developed within the operational framework of Frederick University, the Centre monitors the job market and the business environment to identify the training needs of human resources.

Furthermore, the Centre provides certification of professional qualifications; the competencies of an individual in a specific professional field are examined and certified under real or simulation working conditions. The professional qualification certification is based on the relevant Professional Qualifications Standards derived from European directives and regulations, as well as national legislation.

The Training and Certification Centre has certified training and examination areas. In particular, the Centre’s facilities are certified by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus with the Vocational Training Structures certification. The certified areas include a large number of fully equipped rooms, as well as computer labs located in the buildings of Frederick University both in Nicosia and Limassol. The Centre’s certified facilities are also available for use by other certified organizations and instructors who wish to offer their own training programs.