Control your education
with Distance Learning

Work, family and other commitments often limit your access to higher education. That’s why we offer flexible online programs to give you the opportunity to study when and where you want in a mode that suits your lifestyle. We have been supporting Distance Learning for a decade, having helped thousands of students achieve their career goals through exceptional teaching and support.

Why study via Distance Learning?

Distance Learning education gives you the opportunity to study outside the University premises in a more flexible environment, wherever you are located in the world, at your own space, pace and time, while working your full-time job or having to fulfill other personal and family obligations. In addition, the experience of studying a Distance Learning program, in a non-traditional method, can become a very useful and competitive asset, since it provides you with a new viewpoint, critical thinking and new skills that you can contribute to your professional environment.

Why choose a Distance Learning program at Frederick University?

We understand the challenges of Distance Learning education; hence we are committed to providing all the necessary tools to ensure that our students are appropriately supported throughout their journey. We’re dedicated to making higher education accessible to everyone and facilitating our students to acquire knowledge and high-quality education through state-of-the-art digital tools and a modern online learning environment. At Frederick University you will have flexibility which will allow your study schedule to be personalized and adapted to your own needs, while you will not be needing a high level of digital literacy, but only basic computer skills.


The mission of Distance Learning at Frederick University is to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education to everyone unable, for whatever reason, to attend a conventional classroom, and for this reason we continuously develop new Distance Learning programs.

See below the main advantages of our Distance Learning education.

All Distance Learning programs of Frederick University are accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA). All degrees are fully recognised by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (Hellenic NARIC - D.O.A.T.A.P.) as equal to those awarded by Greek universities.

The Distance Learning Unit is the administrative body of Frederick University and holds the coordinating role of managing and organizing the procedures and operations related to distance education.

The aim of the Unit is the quality assurance and smooth operation of the distance education process. It is the core of the University's Distance Learning and the reference point for both Distance Learning students and members of the academic and administrative staff of Distance Learning programs. Among other things, the Unit is responsible for implementing and carrying out the decisions of the Academic Distance Learning Committee, managing technical issues and queries, in communication with the Technical Support Service, and ensuring that all the services of the University’s Studies and Student Welfare Service are provided equally to all Distance Learning students.

The Learning Support Unit (LSU) has developed an electronic platform specifically designed for Distance Learning programs to support students and faculty. It is responsible for upgrading the electronic platform and digital tools used in Distance Learning as well as improving the support of the technical infrastructure to enrich Distance Learning and education.

The Technical Support Unit provides access and support to the informational systems required for Distance Learning but also assistance to students and faculty with the use of the electronic platforms and technological tools.


Our Distance Learning students use the Moodle e-learning platform (LMS platform) to have access to educational material for each course, synchronous and asynchronous communication platforms, coursework etc.

The LMS platform is user-friendly and features easy-to-use digital tools. The platform has been enriched with technical infrastructure and high-end software tools to facilitate the educational process. Distance Learning programs are taught through carefully selected educational and audio-visual media, such as ebooks, annotated and narrated presentations, videos, articles, documentaries and more, making the learning experience very interesting and engaging.

We offer high quality, market-driven Distance Learning programs, continuously updated and always aligned with the international standards. The Faculty members teaching in our Distance Learning programs are selected carefully with competitive procedures based on their Distance Learning teaching experience and research, and are established in their academic field.

In addition, our Faculty is highly trained to utilize, to the greatest extent, the digital tools, incorporating them in their online teaching delivery and educational material. Above all, we understand that studying via Distance Learning may cause obstacles in communication; hence we encourage open communication between students and academics.

Our graduates have several employment and career advancement opportunities or even pursue a career change after they obtain their degree. Moreover, with the newly acquired knowledge and skills, they are able to start their own business.