Students Under Probation

In case a student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is below 6.0 by the end of the semester, then the student is placed under probation. The student is exempted from probation when the semester and cumulative GPA is 6.0 and above.

Student under probation:
- During registration to courses, a Probation Letter is dispatched which informs the student that he/she is under probation. This letter contains information regarding the reasons which led the student to be placed under probation and also the first actions the student needs to implement in order to improve academic performance.
- The student also receives another form which indicates the possible reasons (ie. family, social, personal, academic etc) which may have contributed to the non-satisfactory academic performance. The student is requested to complete the specific form with the assistance of his Academic Advisor, identifying the reasons which led to academic probation.
- Lastly, for further assistance the student may contact the University Counselling Center.

In the case the student remains under probation beyond one semester and CGPA is below 6.0, then the student may be placed under: a) continuous probation, b) continuous probation with limitation to the number of ECTS entitled to register per semester, c) suspension and d) discontinuation of study.