Research at Frederick

Research and Innovation Strategy Mission & Vision

Research activities form one of the core pillars of operation as defined in Frederick University’s Charter. The University therefore actively supports the advancement of research and the generation of new knowledge through fostering exploration, innovation and novel application of knowledge at all levels and areas of the academic community, with emphasis on applied research and innovation activities.

Through its research and innovation activities, the University aspires to be an exemplary case in Cyprus in research to industry/society links with significant impact in advancement of the local economy through innovative application of new knowledge developed at the University or through collaborations with other research organizations.

To achieve the above vision and mission the University defines a multiyear Research & Innovation Strategy. Furthermore, to support and facilitate the Technology Transfer aims of the R&I Strategy the University has adopted an Intellectual Property Policy. The policy is based on internationally accepted principles that govern the ownership rights emanating from research of and/or materials produced by the University’s members of staff and students, and establishes objectively fair and equitable criteria for the transfer of knowledge.

Research and Innovation Activities

The University's academic staff, either organized in multidisciplinary teams  or individually, is involved in a wide range of research activities in various disciplines, such as applied sciences & engineering, information & communication technologies, applied arts, social sciences, economics, environment/nature and education. The research initiatives and activities that are being carried out by its faculty, place the University among the most successful organizations in Cyprus with respect to the level of financial support received for research projects from external sources through competitive programmes. The University staff, starting from their involvement through FIT  before the accreditation of FU , has implemented or currently running hundreds of R&D and consulting projects , the majority of which coordinated by FU faculty and researchers.

Through these projects and the significant funding obtained, the University also improves its research and education infrastructures and its network of collaborators and associates, to complement the multidisciplinary knowhow required for state of the art research work.  Frederick University has formal partnerships and ad-hoc collaborations with numerous other Academic and Research Organizations, Governmental Bodies, NGOs and Businesses, especially SMEs in Cyprus and all over the world.

To facilitate the continuous expansion of research activities at the University, especially through externally funded projects, FU has developed the necessary management services and infrastructure  and has adopted policies & principles in line with the EC’s declarations for the development of the European Research Area.  Pivotal to the success of the above is the operation of the Research Service  that aims to Promote, Organize & Support the University’s Research Activities. Support in this effort, especially in terms of financial management of projects is provided by the Financial Service , whereas the establishment of the Liaison Office  facilitates the effective technology transfer to local economy and society.