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Scholarships and Financial Assistance - Financial Assistance

Frederick University aims to support students that face financial difficulties and find it difficult to continue their studies. We strongly feel that it is best for the individuals, and the society at large, if able students are not forced to terminate their studies due to financial problems. For this reason, the university provides an extensive financial assistance scheme which is based on socioeconomic criteria.

Furthermore, given the recent economic developments in Cyprus, and Europe in general, the need for financial support of students with difficulties is exacerbated. To this end, the University has decided to substantially increase the budget available for financial assistance so that more students can be supported

Students can expect financial reductions for a variety of reasons including:

  • Overall financial income in the family
  • Health problems in the family
  • Single parent families
  • Number of dependents in the family
  • Siblings studying in the university
  • Residence located above 50km from the university
  • Parents/guardian becoming unemployed
  • other reasons contributing to financial pressure to the student

All cases are examined individually and information provided is handled with strict confidentiality.

For further information in relation to the current scholarship schemes available, please contact the Admissions Office.

To download the application for financial assistance please click here