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Tuition Fees and Expenses - Payment Details and other charges

Withdrawal Refund

Students cannot drop or withdraw from a course(s) by merely stopping to attend. A student wishing to withdraw from any course(s) has to fill in an official withdrawal form and submit it to the Studies and Student Welfare Service. The date of withdrawal will be considered to be the date on which the withdrawal form is received.
Apart from the tuition fees, which can be refunded ads per the below schedule, all other fees are not refundable.

Refund Schedule (Provided payment has been made in full)

Prior to the first day* of the semester Full Refund
During the first week of the semester 75%
During the second week of the semester 50%
During the third week of the semester 30%
During the fourth week of the semester 15%
After the fourth week of the semester No refund

*For dates of academic year, fall and spring semesters, please see the academic calendar
Note1. For international students, in case the visa is approved and the student decides not to join, an amount of 500 Euro will be retained as not
Note2. The above schedule does not apply to the summer session.
Note3. No refund of tuition will be made for whatever reason for students who have been expelled, dismissed, suspended for disciplinary reasons, or
denied visa on the basis of fake documents.

Other Fees

On campus students Euro
Application Fee €35 payable once
Registration Fee €25 per registration
Student Activity Fee €20 per semester
Technology Fee €20 per semester
Late Registration Fee €25
Transcript Fee €5 per additional copy
Incomplete Make-up €25
Graduation Application Fee €55
Exam Waiver Fee €25
Second Examination Fee €80
Transfer Credit Evaluation €40


Distance Learning students Euro
Application Fee €35 payable once
Semester Registration & Technology Fee €100 per semester