University Clubs

Participation in Clubs and Societies at Frederick University

Students need to strike a balance between their academic and social involvement. The Counseling Center supports students to meet this need through participation in student clubs and societies, which give students the opportunity to participate in many social and cultural activities. Getting involved is a good way for students to meet new friends and make the most of their stay as part of the Frederick University community. Participation in clubs and societies exposes students to new life experiences, helps them develop valuable leadership skills and abilities and provides opportunities for them to express creativity and talent.

Sports and Leisure Facilities

The University considers athletics as an integral part of the educational process. It is a member of the Cyprus University Sports Federation and participates each year in the championships organized by the Federation. Some of the teams which participate in the championship of the federation include men’s/ women’s football, basketball, volleyball, handball and more. 

Frederick University has a modern gym at the Nicosia Campus, which is fully equipped to offer different kinds of training. Other sport activities, both in Nicosia and Limassol, are offered to the students through outsourced facilities.

Some of the sport clubs offered at Frederick University include:

  • Fitness Boxing
  • Futsal
  • Karate
  • Tennis
  • Kayak
  • Environment and Exploration (hiking, orienteering, mountain bike)
  • Scuba Diving and others.

Frederick University seeks to promote and stimulate the interest and participation of students in sports. Teams and sport club activities are common features of Frederick University’s life.