Dr. Savvas Pericleous
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Dr. Savvas Pericleous

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Brief: Dr Pericleous holds a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science from Bath University, UK and a Master of Advanced Studies (MASt) in Mathematics from Cambridge University, UK. He joined the Department in September 2005. His research interests lie mainly in the areas of algorithmic real algebraic geometry, and combinatorial optimization. Extended: Dr Savvas Pericleous obtained his BSc in Mathematics with Statistics (First Class Honours) from Leeds University, UK. He holds postgraduate degrees from Cambridge University, UK (Master of Advanced Study (MASt) in Mathematics,1998) and Bath University, UK (PhD in Theoretical Computer Science, 2002). His Ph.D research, funded by UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, focused on algorithmic and complexity aspects of real algebraic and analytic geometry. The main result was an effective elementary proof of the complement theorem for a rather broad and very important class of analytic functions (Pfaffian functions); this can be considered as an extension of the famous Tarski-Seidenberg principle for the polynomial case. Dr Savvas Pericleous is a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Engineering and Science at Frederick University. He joined the faculty in September 2005. Prior to his appointment, Dr Pericleous worked as a Post-Doc research associate at Universite de Rennes I, France on a research project funded by European Research Network RAAG (Real Algebraic and Analytic Geometry). His main research interests lie in the area of algorithmic real algebraic and analytic geometry. Recently he has shifted his research efforts in the domains of Combinatorial Optimization and Multi-objective Optimization. Since obtaining his doctoral degree he has been involved in several funded research projects, primarily from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation. Examples of completed work include a survey report on the univariate case of algorithmic algebraic geometry, and contribution towards the design of novel technologies for production planning in flexible supply chains. Dr Pericleous has published research papers in international refereed journals and conferences in his area of expertise; he has given presentations in various international scientific conferences and has served as a reviewer for international journals. He is a Member of ACM and Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society.
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