Dr. Demetris Kletou
Visiting Lecturer

Dr. Demetris Kletou

Maritime Transport and Commerce
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Short CV
Demetris Kletou has a BSc and MSc in Marine Biology from Florida Atlantic University (Department of Biological Sciences). In 2008, he founded Marine & Environmental Research (MER) Lab Ltd., based at Cyprus, and since then he operates as the Director and Principle Investigator and has coordinated numerous studies around the coastal waters of Cyprus. In 2018 he finished his PhD with the University of Plymouth (School of Biological and Marine Sciences), studying the anthropogenic impacts to marine oligotrophic ecosystems. His research was conducted in Cyprus and involved a review of human impacts, a number of case studies on invasive species, on the effects of coastal industrialization and offshore aquaculture on macroalgae of rocky reefs and seagrass, on long-term monitoring of Posidonia oceanica from fixed plots and on IMTA trials with extractive invertebrates to biomitigate fish farm effluents. He is currently a Lecturer at the Maritime Department of Frederick University teaching Marine Ecosystems, Threats and Management.
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