Dr. Areti Stylianou
Collaborating Acad. Staff

Dr. Areti Stylianou

DL - Education
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Short CV
Dr Areti Stylianou’s research interests lie in the area of exploring issues of social injustice and inequalities, particularly in educational contexts by applying concepts of the philosophy of critical realism in empirical research. She aims to add to contemporary sociological debates, specifically in relation to inclusive education, by exploring phenomena such as the dis/empowerment of teachers, the nature of disability, head teacher’s role and the role of the context in relation to educational inequalities. Dr Stylianou gained her PhD under the supervision of the founder of critical realism world scholar Roy Bhaskar and Professor David Scott at University College London, Institute of Education. She published several papers in peer reviewed journals as well as book chapters while her monograph was published by Routledge in 2019. Indicative titles include: Stylianou, A. (2017). Absenting the absences in the education of poor minority students: a critical realist framework’, International Journal of Inclusive Education; Stylianou, A and Scott, D. (2019). Social and Ethnic inequalities in the Cypriot Educational System: A Critical Realist View on Empowerment, London: Routledge. She acts as a reviewer in academic journals, such as the Cambridge Journal of Education and the International Journal of Inclusive Education. She worked in primary schools in Cyprus for over ten years and she served at different posts at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, including amongst other the Teacher’s Training Department, the Centre for Educational Research and Evaluation and the Curriculum Development Unit. Currently is a Collaborative Academic Staff in the Department of Education, at Frederick University.
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