Dr. Sotiris Jeropoulos
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sotiris Jeropoulos

Maritime Transport and Commerce
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Short CV
Dr. Jeropoulos has extensive expertise in international cargo transportation, specialising in Liner operations, Logistics, and Port operations. Since 1990 he is professionally involved in companies active in Port Agency, Liner Agency, Forwarding and Logistics. Other than running his families’ Agencies and other companies, he was the first CEO of Maersk Cyprus LTD. In addition to his academic credentials from institutions such as the Imperial College London University and the International Centre for Shipping Trade and Finance at the City University Business School, he has also acquired extensive experience in HR matters, mentoring and Executive Coaching. His research interests mainly focus on the development of Liner operations and the changing environment internationally, as well as the evolution of Logistics activities in niche markets. He acted as the Head of Department of Maritime Studies at the School of Economic Sciences and Administration, Frederick University, from 2007 to 2016, was part of the first management team for the start-up of Eurogate Limassol from 2016 to 2018, and is, since then, the Co-ordinator of the BSc in Maritime Studies, Department of Maritime Transport and Commerce, at Frederick University.
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