Automotive Engineering,
ICE and Vehicle Structures


Main thematic areas
Emission measurements on ICE, Computational Methods in passive vehicle crashworthiness, Road Safety, Road Accident Reconstruction, Modelling of Lightweight Vehicle Components
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The Automotive Engineering, ICE and Vehicle Structures Research Team deals with modelling and simulation of manufacturing processes and material mechanics with application on vehicle and light-weight structures.

In particular, the main research team's interests and activities are:
  • Designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing of students' formula
  • Emission measurements on ICE with alternate fuel mixtures
  • Computational methods in passive vehicle crashworthiness
  • Road safety and road accident reconstruction with the aid of computational tools
  • Modelling and simulation of lightweight vehicle components during their manufacturing, joining and in-service.
Main equipment/tools/facilities available:
Vehicle Smart 600 cc turbocharged, Vehicle MAZDA Demio, Vehicle TOYOTA Corolla, CARTECH CET2000 four-gas petrol analyser and Diesel opacity measurement, Kane gas analyser AUTO5-3, CARMAN SCAN Diagnostic Tool and oscilloscope, BOSCH KTS540 hardware and ESI tronic software for diagnostic purposes and AUTODATA vehicle data software, Bosch FSA500 vehicle testing system, BMW 4 and 6--cylinder engine blocks etc., CNC Machine, Lathe and Milling machines, MIG/MAG and TIG welding machines, Hydraulic pressing machine and fatigue machine with force and displacement sensors, LS-DYNA, PC-Crash and SolidWorks.
PositionNameDepartmentResearch Domain
Lead researcher Dr Loukas Papadakis Mechanical Engineering Vehicle Structures
Team Member Dr Charalambos Chasos Mechanical Engineering Internal Combustion Engines
Team Member Dr Antonios Lontos Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing
Team Member Mr Ioulios Vasiliou Mechanical Engineering Vehicle systems
Team Member Mr Xenakis Vouvakos Mechanical Engineering Internal Combustion Engines
Team Member Mr Andreas Chytis Mechanical Engineering Automotive Engineer
Team Member Mr Simos Markitanis Mechanical Engineering Welding Engineering
Team Member Mr Charalambos Athanasiou Mechanical Engineering Strength of materials
Team Member Dr Evagoras Xydas Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics and Controls
Start YearProject TitleLead Partner/ AssigneeFunding fromProject Website
2019 BUS-Fuel-Savings - Integration of innovative green technologies on existing public transportation BUSes for 5% to 30% Rtd Talos Ltd Restart 2016-2020 N/A
2019 CERTBOND - Reliable roadmap for certification of bonded primary structures Delft University of Technology, Netherlands COST Action
2017 AMable - AdditiveManufacturABLE Fraunhofer ILT Aachen Horizon 2020
2015 SMARTCATS - Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers and Technologies   COST Action
2011 MERLIN - Development of Aero Engine Component Manufacturing using Laser Additive Manufacturing Rolls Royce Plc Seventh Framework Programme