Consulting </br> and Research Collaborations

and Research Collaborations

Access our expertise
We always strive to increase collaborations with local and global partners in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) projects. You can work with us on RDI projects and access our faculty and researchers’ knowhow, our equipment and our infrastructure in order to create new knowledge and address challenges. You can also request our bespoke consulting services to solve specific problems of your business.

Develop Research Activity with the University
You can collaborate on RDI projects with our research scholars and prestigious academics, through direct assignment or joint proposals for funding, or support University initiatives and campaigns that promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We have a long tradition of forging long-term, collaborative relationships with businesses in Cyprus and abroad on research projects in a variety of fields.

Request Scientific Consulting or Specialised Testing Services
Take advantage of our scientific knowhow and our research facilities and equipment that are available at the University to address technical and/or business challenges or test new ideas. Consulting projects are led either by individual experts with years of experience in a specific domain or multidisciplinary teams with combined expertise in different disciplines. Depending on your needs, you will be provided with advice and guidance to address challenges, solve specific or complex problems and discover opportunities. We have worked with numerous businesses and public sector organisations to deliver solutions through consulting agreements on in-house consultant secondments.

Consultancy projects can include:

- Expert analysis
- Technical due diligence
- Advisory or scientific boards
- Data analytics
- Policy design and evaluation
- Impact assessment
- Horizon scanning

Contact us
To contact a specific member of the Consulting Services team, please visit our Academic Staff page or our Research Units page.