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Frederick University Formula Racing Team (FUF Racing Team) holds the distinction of being the first Cypriot team at tertiary education level to design and construct a single-seated Formula-type racing car. The team’s journey commenced at the international Formula SAE Student Competition in Italy in July 2017, where the students debuted their inaugural car. Since then, the team has been a consistent presence at the Competition, unveiling a new car each year.

The Formula SAE Student Competition is a prestigious international engineering competition, that tasks university student teams with designing, constructing, testing, and racing Formula-type cars. In addition to technical expertise, teams must develop a comprehensive business plan and secure funding for their project. Judging criteria for the prototype racing car include evaluations of creativity, originality, and efficiency. Points are accumulated through a series of off-track "Static" events as well as on-track "Dynamic" events. Widely respected within the motorsport industry, this competition serves as a bridge for students transitioning from academia to professional settings. It offers invaluable real-world engineering experience alongside the cultivation of soft skills such as business planning and project management. Engaging in this world-class project not only enriches our students with knowledge and unique experiences but also fosters a strong team spirit while allowing them to apply theoretical concepts to practical challenges.

FUF Racing Team 2023 and its achievements

In 2023, the Frederick University Formula Racing Team took part in the Formula SAE Student competition, held in Italy from July 10th to 12th, achieving outstanding results.

The University's Formula team secured an impressive 4th place in the rigorous endurance and fuel efficiency race, ultimately claiming 7th place overall among 30 university teams worldwide in the internal combustion engine car category!

Accompanied by their single-seated racing car, the team of 12 students travelled to Italy, the host country for this prestigious international competition. Guiding them was Professor Antonis Lontos, the team's supervisor and a distinguished member of the academic faculty within the University's Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In the months leading up to the competition, the students meticulously designed and crafted nearly all components of the car, leveraging the cutting-edge equipment and advanced laboratories available at the University.

This remarkable accomplishment serves as a testament to Frederick University's unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in the fields of engineering and automotive technology.

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