A fun start to your new life as a Frederick University student

Hang in there! You are almost ready to start the semester, but before you do that make sure you participate in the Orientation Days that are especially designed to help you get acquainted with Frederick University.

Since we have a diverse range of incoming students joining us, we have designed Orientation Days that are tailored to your needs based on the group you belong to.

Incoming Undergraduate Student Orientation

All incoming undergraduate students are expected to participate in the Orientation Day. During the Orientation Day you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Meet with fellow students, staff and faculty members
  2. Learn about important campus resources and student support services
  3. Find out important information about your program of study (program structure and requirements, characteristics etc)
  4. Meet with your Academic Advisor to register to program courses and access your timetable
Incoming Postgraduate Student Orientation - Online

We understand that the majority of our postgraduate students are mature students who might be working and/or have hectic schedules. That is why, we offer an Online Orientation Day, tailored specifically to the needs of our postgraduate students.

Distance Learning Incoming Students Orientation

Get in touch with the Distance Learning Unit to find out information regarding upcoming Online Orientation Days.

Online Self-Paced Orientation

We understand that by now you have received a great amount of information about Frederick University and what you should expect. So, if you prefer to skip the in-person orientation days, you can complete new student orientation online, at your own pace, at your own time. It takes about two hours to go through all orientation topics and we advise that you do it during the first two weeks of classes. The self-paced orientation can be found on the Learn Platform and you will need to have your student credentials in order to access it.

Parents & Family Orientation Day

Parents and family members play an essential role in a student’s journey towards graduation. We appreciate all the support you provide to our students so we hold a special Orientation Day just for you. Don’t worry if you can’t make it. We have prepared, especially for you, the Parent’s Guide that will answer most of your questions.