We help you develop
the prerequisites

Preparatory classes and orientation are designed to prepare students for University by helping them develop the skills required for entry in their degree courses, or just support them in navigating University life.

We use placement tests to measure the students’ current skills, strengths and capabilities in relation to specific subjects. This helps us to develop a targeted and realistic educational plan based on the needs of each student. This plan may include attendance of preparatory courses and / or reduced workload. Our goal is to support each student in meeting the Program’s prerequisites.

Each faculty requires satisfactory knowledge of subjects which are essential for the enrolment of each student to the programs of study that it offers (e.g. Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Drawing).

Preparatory classes may be organised with reference to these subjects, and all new students will be evaluated prior to their enrolment.

Depending on the results of the evaluation, the new students:
  • are registered for the classes of the first semester, or
  • are registered for the classes of the first semester and are at the same time obliged to take additional preparatory classes in subjects were they have demonstrated weaknesses, or
  • are registered for classes which are not influenced by possible weaknesses in subjects which are essential for the programs of study offered and are, at the same time, obliged to take additional preparatory classes for subjects in which they have demonstrated weaknesses, or
  • are only registered in preparatory classes without being enrolled to the program of study they have chosen.
  • are not approved for registration and may be asked to meet further requirements as per the Department’s directions and resubmit their application.
English Placement Test

A good knowledge of the English language is required for all programs of Frederick University taught in English. Students whose native language is not English are required to take the Frederick University English Placement Test (FUEPT). Students who are qualified for exemption from the English Language Courses should apply to the Center of Languages with the necessary documentation. Further details regarding the policies and requirements for exemption can be obtained from the Admissions Office and the Center of Languages.

Depending on the results of the test, students might be required to take special English classes, to improve their skills and, if necessary, they will be asked to take reduced load for that semester. Students who may need a more vigorous preparation will take an intensive course in English before enrolling in a regular program. Intensive courses commence at the beginning of the Fall and the Spring semesters.

Mathematics Placement Test

Students of programs of study that require strong background in mathematics will be required to take Frederick University’s Mathematics Placement Test (FUMPT). Depending on the results, they may have to take special mathematics classes with or without reduced load.

For three weeks before the beginning of the academic year, we offer free induction activities for new students. The program includes workshops, seminars, trips, social and athletic activities that will help you adjust to your new environment, familiarize yourself with your department and the University, meet fellow students and discover Cyprus.

Welcome and Information Day for Parents

A Welcome and Information Day is also organized for the parents and families of new students during which they are informed about what it means being a University student and the services offered.