PhD in Education

Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

Doctoral Program (PhD) in Education

Level Of Qualification

PhD(3nd Cycle)



Mode of Study

Full Time or Part Time

Offered by

Department of Education


The PhD Program in Education aims to develop scientists in the domain of Educational Studies with the necessary background knowledge, skills, experiences, ethos and capabilities that will enable them to contribute on the development of research and knowledge on the specific domain. Based on their advance knowledge and research skills concerning their particular domain of interest, PhD students with the guidance of their academic supervisors are expected to be productive members of the respective research society and the whole educational community, by extending the boundaries of what is already known.

The specific program is central to fulfil the Department, the School and the University mission through advancing its research dimension and enabling the establishment of the University, the School and the Department in the regional and international scene. Additionally, the program aims to provide the PhD candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be able to take over leadership positions on specific domains under the framework of Education and meet the needs and demands of the society in regards to the improvement of teaching and learning processes. They are expected to propose, evaluate and implement innovations in order to improve learning outcomes and teaching methods at different educational levels. The suggestion and implementation of new teaching methods and learning processes based on the students’ and teachers’ diversity has a predominant role in Educational Sciences.  Undoubtedly the program has a research orientation in order to promote research and transform the findings about the teaching and learning approaches in the field of education in the framework of life-long learning. 

Although the language of instruction of the program is Greek, students under the guidance of their supervisors, might submit their PhD thesis in English.

Key Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • To understand the dynamics and reasons of development and change in order to focus on current and future needs and demands according to their domain of expertise in education.
  • To propose and develop new knowledge by systematic research activity focused on the main issues in Education.
  • To use analytical and critical thinking under a framework of a fruitful dialogue and cooperation in order to address challenges related to education.
  • To indicate skills on research and on knowledge acquisition in order to be productive members of their respective research community.
  • To have positive attitudes about the continuous changes on research methods, research tools, the use of technology and the rapid explosion and spreading of new knowledge.
  • To propose, design, implement and evaluate innovative education programs employing new methods and approaches in the domain of their expertise.
  • To demonstrate broad knowledge and systematic understanding of the research field concerning the special domain of their interest.
  • To indicate familiarity with the different research methods used at the special domain of their expertise.
  • To demonstrate skills on analysis and synthesis and on review process of new and complicated phenomena, issues and situations.
  • To plan and use appropriate methods and to undertake research on issues about Education.
  • To make a significant contribution to the formation of knowledge through their own research activity and to identify the need for further knowledge and research on the domain.
  • To identify the limitations of a research and to evaluate the ethical aspects of a research.
  • To present and discuss research findings in both national and international contexts and to contribute on a dialogue with the academic community and society.

Your Future Career

Graduates of the PhD program are able to work in various sectors, organizations and businesses related to education and training of different disciplines, fields and specializations. Most graduates of the program want to continue with an academic / research career or they want to become stakeholders in Education.