Find the way: Online workshops for academic skills enhancement

Join us and discover how to develop or enhance your academic skills!

What kinds of skills are developed through the workshop?

  • Reading & Writing Skills
  • Notetaking Skills
  • Study skills (preparing for tests)
  • Organization and scheduling skills
  • Memory & Concentration Techniques
  • Combating procrastination when studying.

Workshop schedule:

Tuesday, 12/10/21, 3.30 pm. Connect here: &

Tuesday, 19/10/21, 3.30 p.m. Connect here:

(breakout rooms available for English speaking students)

Duration of workshops: 2 days, 60 minutes each.

Participation: Priority for participation is given to students who have documented learning difficulties or other disabilities and first-year students. Additional workshops may be offered based on demand.

Reserve your spot by sending an email to Ms Sandy Antoniou (Counselling & Wellbeing Center)

Deadline for submitting your participation: Thursday, 7/10/21


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