Conference on new trends and advances in Cosmetic Science and natural health products

The School of Health Sciences' Department of Pharmacy is organizing a Conference on Wednesday, May 15th, at Frederick University in Nicosia, focusing on new trends and advances in Cosmetic Science and natural health products.

Cosmetic Science is a rapidly growing field, with cosmetic products becoming integral to our daily lives. The aim of the Conference is to provide researchers, scientists, industry professionals, and students with the opportunity to stay informed and discuss the latest developments and innovations in cosmetics and natural products. The talks will explore the properties of herbal ingredients, the role of innovation, the principles governing cosmetic companies, as well as the regulatory framework set by legislation to ensure their effectiveness and safe use. Additionally, the professional prospects in the field of Cosmetic Science and the contribution of postgraduate studies in this field will be discussed.

"We aim for knowledge sharing and networking between academia, industry, and regulatory bodies, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the development of safe, effective, and sustainable cosmetic propositions," comments Dr. Charalambos Triantis, Head of the Department of Pharmacy. "This -open to the public- interdisciplinary discussion aims to highlight nature's role as a source of raw materials through the participation and synergy of qualified and specialized scientists in the field."

The Conference will start at 17:00 and will include presentations by experts in the field, including Dr. Georgios Karikas, Coordinator of Frederick University's new Postgraduate Program in "Advanced Cosmetic Science and Natural Health Products".

The presentations are as follows:

New Natural Products in Cosmetic Science
Dr. Georgios Karikas, Professor at the University of Western Attica, Coordinator of the Master's Program "Advanced Cosmetology and Natural Health Products"

Cosmetic Science: an Exciting Field of Scientific Innovation
Dr. Konstantinos Gardikis, Director of Research and Development, APIVITA

The Role of the Cosmetics Sector in the Control of Cosmetic Products and Relevant Legislation
Maria Stavrou, Responsible for the Cosmetics Sector at Pharmaceutical Services

Cosmetics Industry: Structure and Prospects
Maria Sakelis, Cyprus Pharma Sales Manager, and Smaragdi Talakis, Head of HR, Intermed

Presentation of the Postgraduate Program "Advanced Cosmetic Science and Natural Health Products" at the Department of Pharmacy, Frederick University
Dr. Charalambos Triantis, Head of the Department of Pharmacy

A discussion will follow.

All presentations and discussion will be held in Greek.

To register, please follow the link provided.

For the Conference Agenda, click here.

For more information, contact Ms. Antigoni Patsalidou at tel. 22394466.

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