Girls aged 9-12 had a day of fun and colorful STEM activities in Limassol

Nearly 100 girls, aged 9-12, had the chance to experiment and explore new discoveries during the STEM Day at our Limassol campus.

The girls had the opportunity to attend a variety of exciting workshops for free on Saturday, the 4th of November. The girls experimented with light and shadow in the Physics Workshop, inspired by Newton's discovery and the prism that disperses white light into the colors of the rainbow. The workshop was conducted by Kallia Paridi, a member of the academic staff at Frederick University. In the Robotics Workshop, led by Raphaela Neophytou, a member of Frederick University's Robotics Academy, the girls programmed a robot in the realm of colors. In the Architecture and Civil Engineering Workshop, they learned how to create a solid, bright, and colorful house, guided by Professor Miltos Demosthenous, a member of the academic staff of the University's School of Engineering, and Maria Spanou, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil Engineering.

The girls also had the opportunity to participate in an empowerment workshop guided by Giouli Chatzaki, a Social Worker at the Counseling and Wellbeing Center of the University. Titled "My Favorite Self," the workshop included various experiential activities aimed at helping children develop and strengthen a positive self-image.

During STEM Day, the girls weren't the only active participants. Their parents who chose to attend the workshop titled "Raising Girls with Confidence: Practical Tips for Parents," conducted by Dr. Chrysa Nitsiou, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Sciences at Frederick University, had the opportunity to reflect on the methods they use to boost their children's confidence and discuss the role of significant factors such as failure, achievements, and the gender social dimension in cultivating self-confidence.

The STEM Day at Frederick University is dedicated to the exciting world of Sciences, Technology, and Engineering. It is the fourth time it has been held in the last two years, established as one of the successful activities of the long-term campaign "To all women & girls: Join the journey in Engineering, Science and Technology" of the University. As part of the campaign, scholarships of 50% are offered to all girls choosing to study in the undergraduate programs of the University's School of Engineering. Through the campaign and its multifaceted actions, Frederick University contributes to the goal of gender equality and the elimination of gender stereotypes as a member of the United Nations Network Solutions for Sustainable Development.

The campaign is under the auspices of the Commissioner for Gender Equality, Ms. Josie Christodoulou.
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