LIFE-KEDROS project wins National Energy Globe Award 2023

The LIFE-KEDROS project was presented with the 2023 Cyprus Energy Globe Award on Thursday 25th January. The project was implemented by the Department of Forests, Frederick University and the Cyprus Forest Association.

Funded by the European Commission’s LIFE Programme, the project was implemented between 2016 and 2021.

The Energy Globe Award is described as the world’s most prestigious award for sustainability, aiming to present successful sustainable projects to a global audience and to demonstrate that for most of our environmental problems, feasible solutions are already available.

Dr Christoph Sturm, Head of the Austrian Embassy’s Department of Commerce in Athens, presented the award to the LIFE-KEDROS partners, during a ceremony at the Educational and Training Center of Athalassa. Austrian Ambassador in Cyprus, Dr Susanne Bachfischer, addressed the event.

On behalf of the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Cyprus, Dr Maria Panayiotou, the Head of her Office, mr Theodoulos Makriyianni, noted: “it is obvious that despite Cyprus’ small size, there is knowledge and the ability to achieve enviable results, recognized at a European and international level”.

In his speech, the Vice President of the Council of Frederick University, Professor Costas Kadis, highlighted the importance of cooperation between Universities and the scientific community with the relevant state agencies, pointing out that the LIFE-KEDROS project was a result of such cooperation. Prof. Kadis also brought as successful examples of such cooperation the creation of the Natura 2000 Network, the elaboration of the Cyprus Biodiversity Strategy coordinated by Frederick University, and actions to cover the environmental obligations of Cyprus as a member of the European Union. "This kind of cooperation should be strengthened because it is mutually beneficial, and especially beneficial for our country and for future generations," he concluded.

During the event, Dr Nicolaos-George Eliades, Researcher at the University's Nature Conservation Unit and the Scientific coordinator of LIFE-KEDROS, presented the project's objectives and results.  

In the framework of the LIFE-KEDROS project, management measures and measures to strengthen the resilience of the habitat located in the high peaks of the Paphos Forest were designed and implemented. Specifically, among other practices, measures were taken to enhance the habitat's resilience and its capacity to adapt to climate change; to reduce the possibility of habitat loss, or disappearance, as a result of a single large forest fire; to enhance the natural regeneration capacity of the cedar stands; to restore and expand the habitat within the project site. In addition, actions were implemented to raise public awareness and disseminate the project results to conservation managers and scientists. The project's actions to address the threats were inspired by nature itself and appropriately designed to meet the ecological requirements of the habitat.

It is worth noting that the LIFE-KEDROS project was presented with the LIFE Award (Best of the Best) in the LIFE Nature category in 2022, standing out among 116 leading, innovative environmental projects completed in 2021 at a European level.

LIFE KEDROS national Energy Globe Award 2023 Frederick University4LIFE KEDROS national Energy Globe Award 2023 Frederick University3LIFE KEDROS national Energy Globe Award 2023 Frederick University2

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