Prof. Krimizis was keynote speaker at the Excellence Awards Ceremony

The President of the Academy of Athens and Space Exploration scientist, Professor Stamatios Krimizis, was the keynote speaker at our University's Excellence Awards Ceremony, held on June 26 at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre.

"Love knowledge for the sake of knowledge, not for the diploma. Question absolute knowledge. Listen, observe, and process," urged the graduates Professor Krimizis, a scientist in space exploration, involved in the most significant space programs of the USA and NASA. During his speech titled "Excellence, Teamwork, and the Recipe for Success", Professor Krimizis captivated the audience with his presentation on the grandeur of space and the human mind, shared experiences as a NASA scientist, and emphasized the ingredients of success: hard work, knowledge, ethos, and integrity. He also highlighted the importance of evaluation and meritocracy for achieving progress in a just society.

A day earlier, during our University’s Graduation Ceremony in Limassol, held in the presence of the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, the University honored the President of the Academy of Athens for his longstanding contribution to Cyprus' struggle for justice and freedom, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion.
Addressing Professor Krimizis, the President of the Republic said: "I commend Frederick University’s decision to honor Professor Krimizis. This decision is profoundly fitting, not only because he is an exceptional scientist and a distinguished figure we take pride in, but also for a lesser-known aspect of his contributions. In the difficult years following the Turkish invasion in Cyprus, Prof. Krimizis spearheaded a formidable effort in the USA to bring attention to the Cyprus issue, to highlight our plight, and to push for the unprecedented decision by the USA to impose an arms embargo on Turkey”, said President Christodoulides, adding: “It is a privilege to have you in Cyprus, and an honor for our graduates to have you present. As the President of the Republic of Cyprus, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your enduring contribution to our nation's struggle for freedom, justice, and liberation."

Professor Krimizis was the President of the Free Cyprus Coalition, founded immediately after the Turkish invasion in Cyprus, in 1974. Thanks to the Organization's actions and the President's contacts with Congress, as well as other Greek-Americans at the time, an arms embargo was imposed against Turkey in 1975.

President Christodoulides presented Professor Krimizis with a symbolic gift, a depiction of the Kyrenia Ship designed by Professor Panagiotis Touliatos of the University’s Department of Architecture.

Professor Krimizis is a Greek-American scientist in space exploration. He has contributed to many of the United States' unmanned space exploration programs of the Solar System and beyond. He has contributed to exploration missions to almost every planet of the Solar System. In 1999, the International Astronomical Union named the asteroid 8323 Krimizis (previously 1979 UH) in his honor. In 2019, Frederick University declared him an Honorary Doctor of the Engineering School.

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