Youth Tech Fest 2024 to take place at Frederick University in Limassol

Our University co-organises the 2nd Youth Tech Fest, encouraging children and youth to engage in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Technology, Engineering, Sciences and the Arts through fascinating workshops, shows, lectures and more

The event will take place on Saturday, 20 April 2024, between 09:00 - 16:30, at the University’s Limassol campus, offering a range of exciting activities, interactive workshops, masterclasses and shows for children and young enthusiasts in areas such as Robotics, Gaming, Woodworking, XR/VR, Science shows, Cubing Competitions and Fun Science. Esteemed academics, programmers, engineers and qualified scientists will guide participants through the various activities.

Acknowledging the importance of promoting digital literacy and preparing citizens for a technology-driven society, the Youth Tech Fest seeks to encourage more and more children and young people to engage in the fields of ESTEAM (Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Art and Mathematics). The aim of the event is to offer equal opportunities for all children and young people, regardless of socio-economic status, gender and background. As an example, schoolgirls aged 14-19 will have the opportunity to participate in a Girls Go Circular workshop, an educational program focusing on developing digital skills and exploring the circular economy. The workshop is organized by Junior Achievement Cyprus and Frederick University, aiming to address the underrepresentation of girls in the digital and green sectors in Europe, and is one of many actions that are organised in the framework of the University’s campaign “To all women and girls: Join the Journey in Technology and Engineering”. The University will also offer workshops developed by its Robotics Academy and showcase the single-seated Formula type racing car developed by students of Frederick University Formula Racing Team.

The festival invites all schools of primary and secondary education in Cyprus not only to participate in its activities but also to submit projects of their students, that are multi-disciplinary and relate to the ESTEAM fields. All projects will be nominated in the Festival’s Open Competition and will receive a well-deserved acknowledgement during the Youth Tech Award Ceremony.

Another important part of the Youth Tech Fest is the Youth Tech Summit, where leading speakers share insights and best practices in Educational Technology, both locally and internationally. The Summit provides a platform for educators, educational leaders, policy-makers, academics, and teacher trainers to network, share best practices and embrace successes in developing creative thinkers of the future.

Ms Natassa Frederickou, President of Frederick University Council, said: “We are delighted to co-organize this year’s Youth Tech Fest. In the realm of ESTEAM fields, where Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics converge, innovation thrives. Fostering inclusivity and unlocking the full potential of talent are vital in driving progress and shaping a sustainable future. That's why we've incorporated activities that cultivate sustainability competences and help participants develop digital, technological and entrepreneurial skills with an emphasis on the circular economy. Initiatives like this are crucial in nurturing a generation of changemakers amidst the green and digital transition, which is poised to reshape the job market dramatically.”

Mr Sean Alimov, the founder of the Youth Tech Fest initiative, said: “We are excited to once again gather some of the most talented and curious young minds from both Cypriot and foreign backgrounds, their parents and guardians, dedicated educators and the policy makers and representatives of forward-thinking businesses for the celebration of children’s passion for creativity, technology and innovation. We strongly believe in the importance of the ongoing education particularly in the area of ESTEAM as it provides our children with highly demanded skills and know-how to pursue careers that involve innovation and change. Limassol is considered to be the tech and shipping hub of Cyprus and we are delighted to be partnering with Frederick University to host the second edition of the Youth Tech Fest in such a vibrant city”.

The event is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.

Admission is free to all festival activities.

For more information, please visit the official website of Youth Tech Fest Cyprus 2024, where schools can also register to submit their students’ projects for the Open Competition.
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