Meet the Entrepreneur: Mr George Moulos, Managing Director,

Organisers: Career Office, Frederick University

When: Thursday, 17 March 2022

Time: 15:00

Language: English

Where: Nicosia Campus, Seminar room 2 and Online

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(Registration is mandatory for all participants. The zoom link, for participants who wish to attend the workshop online will be sent to their email)

George Moulos is a Greek Australian 23-year-old serial entrepreneur who was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Greece in 2021. After starting online businesses from a young age in Sydney Australia he moved to Greece and Cyprus to grow his businesses and promote entrepreneurship and innovation to young Greeks and Cypriots in their existing jobs, as a part time commitment and also as a full-time career path. He has documented his entrepreneurial journey on YouTube since 2018.

George’s entrepreneur talk identifies the status of entrepreneur culture in Cyprus and Greece, or lack thereof and proposes a solution. Walking through examples of his own journey and those of others, he highlights how anyone living in Greece and Cyprus can take first steps to start making money, creating positive social and environmental impact by building businesses, start-ups, freelancing or just by making an extra few dollars in their free time.

*Students will be given certificates of participation